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Administering Medications: Topical, Suppository and Inhalant Medications (w/Video)

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Course Introduction Safe medication administration is an essential skill for all nursing professionals, so it is critical that they be knowledgeable in the techniques of administering all pharmaceutical agents. This second of three programs will present techniques for the safe administration of topical medications, suppositories and inhalants. To complete this activity, you must do the following: - View the program "Administering Medications: Topical, Suppository and Inhalant Medications." - Read the Overview and Learning Objectives. - Study the Terminology/ - Study the Content. - Complete the Post Test with a score of 80% or more. Overview The material is organized around the following categories - Introduction - Topical Medications - Inhaled Medications - Administering Suppository Medications - Conclusion Learning Objectives After completing this course, the learner should be able to: - Identify different types of topical medications, and the specific techniques required to administer them. - Describe the purpose and specific administration methods of patch medications. - Administer ophthalmic ointments, eye drops and liquid drops for the nose and ears. - Explain the purpose and specific benefits of suppository medications. - Administer both rectal and vaginal suppositories. - Describe the specific purposes and benefits of inhalant medications. - Administer inhalants safely and properly. - Document the administration of all topical, suppository and inhalant medications. Purpose/Overall Goal The goal of this course is to provide nursing professionals with the knowledge and skills required to safely administer topical medications, suppositories and inhalants.

Course Code: VIDBCSM258B-T
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