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Anatomy and Physiology: The Cardiovascular System (w/Video)

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Course Introduction The cardiovascular system is the first body system described in Medcom's Anatomy and Physiology series. This series is a quick-paced and engaging basic introduction to anatomy and physiology appropriate for students in high school, junior college, vocational schools and for nursing assistants. To complete this activity, you must do the following: - View the program "Anatomy and Physiology: The Circulatory System." - Read the Overview and Learning Objectives. - Study the Content. - Complete the Post Test with a score of 80% or more. Overview The material is organized around the following categories: - Introduction - The Heart - Cardiac Conduction System - Blood Vessels - Blood - Lymph Vessels Learning Objectives This program describes the following components of the cardiovascular system: - The heart - The cardiac conduction system - Blood vessels - Blood - Lymph vessels Purpose/Overall Goal The cardiovascular system is both simple in function and amazing in performance.

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