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Anatomy and Physiology: The Digestive System (w/Video)

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Course Introduction The digestive system is the next body system in Medcom's Anatomy and Physiology series. This series is a quick-paced and engaging basic introduction to anatomy and physiology appropriate for students in high school, junior college, vocational schools and for nursing assistants. To complete this activity, you must do the following: - View the program "Anatomy and Physiology: The Digestive System." - Read the Overview and Learning Objectives. - Study the Content. - Complete the Post Test with a score of 80% or more. Overview The material is organized around the following categories: - Introduction - The Digestive System - Ingestion, Mechanical Processing, and Secretion - Digestion - Absorption - Excretion Learning Objectives After completing this course, the learner should be able to describe the following processes of the digestive system and their corresponding components: - Ingestion - Mechanical Processing - Secretion - Digestion - Absorption - Excretion - Lymph Vessels Purpose/Overall Goal Every time we eat, our food begins a remarkable journey through a long tube calledthe alimentary canal.

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