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Anatomy and Physiology: The Muscular System (w/Video)

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Course Introduction This program provides information on the three types of muscles, their functions and how they work. To complete this activity, you must do the following: - View the program "Anatomy and Physiology: The Muscular System." - Read the Overview and Learning Objectives. - Study the Content. - Complete the Post Test with a score of 80% or more. Overview The material is organized around the following categories: - The Muscular System - Skeletal Muscle - Muscle Contraction - Smooth Muscle - Cardiac Muscle Learning Objectives After completing this course, the learner should be able to describe: - Skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac muscles - Muscle fiber contraction - Flexion and extension - Tendons Purpose/Overall Goal Found everywhere throughout the body, muscles are tough, elastic tissues that contract to make our body parts move. We use muscles to walk, jump, throw a ball or even blink an eyelid.

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