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Responding to Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Agents of Terror

COURSE INTRODUCTION When a terrorist attack involving biological, chemical or radiological agents occurs, healthcare workers must respond quickly. They must be extremely competent in recognizing the symptoms at play in patients who present at their institution for care. This course provides information...
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Bioterrorism and Other Emergencies: Be Prepared, Be Safe

COURSE INTRODUCTION This course addresses steps that are underway in the United States to prepare our healthcare system for effective disaster management. It also discusses ways that healthcare and emergency professionals can take positive, concrete steps at work and home to ensure that everyone will...
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Getting Ready for Terrorism: Preparing the Healthcare Community for Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Weapons

INTENDED AUDIENCE Nurses and healthcare professionals interested in preparing themselves, and the facilities they work in, for a bioterrorism event. COMMERCIAL SUPPORT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT No commercial support was provided for the development of this activity. STATEMENT OF NEED Terrorism is real. The whole...
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