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Nutrition Screening: Identifying the Hidden Signs of Nutritional Risk

Intended Audience This activity was developed for nurses and other healthcare workers who need to know the benefits of nutritional screening and how to perform a nutritional screening. Commercial Support Acknowledgement The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the Academy) and the American Society for...
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Critical Control: Nutrition and Care for Renal Failure Patients

COURSE INTRODUCTION Only two generations ago, a diagnosis of renal failure was the diagnosis of a terminal condition. But in the last 35 years, great strides in medical technology has made treatment with artificial kidney machines and kidney transplantation the norm, adding years, even decades to the...
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Nutrition and Pulmonary Therapy

COURSE INTRODUCTION Recent developments in our understanding of how nutritional issues affect pulmonary patients have led to changes in the way we provide nutrition for many patients. The complex linkages between calorie intake, fat intake, carbon dioxide production, and fluid volume make it essential...
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