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Operating Room Nursing

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Surgical Skin Preparation

COURSE INTRODUCTION The conditions under which an operative procedure is carried out are stringently controlled to minimize the potential for contamination of the surgical wound. Sterile instruments, techniques of surgical asepsis, and operating room personnel all contribute to the maintenance of a safe...
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OR Fire Safety: A Triad of Prevention

COURSE INTRODUCTION This educational activity has been developed for perioperative nurses and other healthcare professionals who are responsible for the safety of patients having surgical intervention. Through ongoing professional education, healthcare professionals will learn safe practices in preventing...
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Positioning the Surgical Patient

COURSE INTRODUCTION Surgery imposes significant insults on the human body, and major body systems are affected by different aspects of the procedures. Surgical positioning, combined with the effects of anesthesia, can serve both as a stressor and as one of the measures that help to minimize stress when...
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Preoperative and Postoperative Care

COURSE INTRODUCTION Due to growing costs, there is an increasing trend towards earlier release for many surgical patients. Because of this, there is a real need to learn about preoperative and postoperative care. By studying this course, you can learn about preoperative and postoperative care and become...
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Preparing and Maintaining the Surgical Field

COURSE INTRODUCTION Surgery results in a disruption of the skin, which is the body's principal barrier against the introduction of microorganisms. Thus, the potential for infection is a major concern in the operating room as well as during preoperative and postoperative care. The sterile field is an...
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